L’Academie 2011 – Worksheet

by Timothy on June 4, 2011

Today I am speaking at “L’Academie 2011” a professional development event of the PPPC – the Promotional Products Professionals of Canada.

Thank-you PPPC for the wonderful opportunity! I’m looking forward to it :)

Anyone who will be at the talk that hasn’t downloaded the worksheet, click here to do so now:

L’Academie worksheet – June 4 2011

Tim :)

P.S. Today I will also be speaking about how to build your following and stay in touch easily with them. Here is the step-by-step process, with all the required links to follow my system… Enjoy!

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3 Steps to Build Your Following

STEP 1: Setup your WEBSITE

(you may already have this done – ideally a WordPress-driven Blog)

1. Buy a domain and hosting from HostMonster: http://www.hostmonster.com/track/domainsandhosting

2. Install WordPress (done through HostMonster Cpanel, very easy)

3. Use a free theme, or else do what I did and Purchase and install Thesis Theme (suuuper easy to use!): http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=198392&u=504021&m=24570&urllink=&afftrack=

4. (optional in beginning; mandatory once you’re running) Setup Google Analytics; use an @Gmail.com account to login, ideally an @Gmail.com account that isn’t your personal account (create a new @GMail.com account if necessary). Go to http://www.google.com/analytics (and once you’ve got it started up, install your tracking script to your Thesis cpanel in WordPress).

STEP 2: Setup your Lead Capture

5. Open an Aweber account: http://www.aweber.com/?324550

6. Create a “Success” Page on your WordPress website, for example www.yoursite.com/success. On this page it should simply say: “Thanks for subscribing. Check your email inbox for your free report… enjoy!”

7. In Aweber, designate this page (www.yoursite.com/success) as the “Success” page people are automatically sent to when they confirm their subscription to your list. This way people will see the “Success Page” and know to check their email inbox for the report. This helps them to avoid getting frustrated when they can’t find the report

STEP 3: “Sell the opt-in”

8. Create an information product that incentives people to enter their name and email address. Must be a compelling info product that is worth money (although you will give away for free). People don’t act on “sign up for my newsletter!” anymore… you now need to “sell the opt-in” to get people into your database. Think: how can you give away $100 worth of information for free?

9. Upload this to your Aweber account; to do this, go to Messages > Follow-Up > select your first follow-up message… open it up… add your free info product as an attachment on your initial “Follow-Up” message… this way people will automatically get your free info product for signing up to your list… with no extra work for you!

It’s GO Time!

Now get goin! It’s time to build your list…

Tim :)

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