How I Gained Access to 12,000 Prospective Customers in Under 60 Minutes

by Timothy on February 2, 2011

Great Business Idea: Gain customers using Partnerships

In 2009 I was selected one of my city’s Top 20 Under 30 Business Leaders.

One of the other 19 winners was a guy who owned the local Beer Fest. I approached him and asked him about his business. We set up coffee.

Win-Win deal

The Beer Fest has 12,000 people every year. Over coffee I proposed that we setup a monthly Beer Club, to be promoted to the 12,000 Beer Fest attendees. I would setup the website and the membership details like payment processors, etc. He would allow give me a table at Beer Fest and allow me to promote at the event.

Solid win-win…. this would give the Beer Fest Owner the opportunity to make money 12 months per year from his Beer Fest efforts, without having to do any additional work at Beer Fest. We agreed that he would do some ongoing work to create partnerships with people that he knew in the industry.


Well, in the last 9 months the club has had some highs and lows as we learned lots in the process. We made some money, although not as much as we expected. But that is all okay. We have learned much more about what the club needs, and we are re-tooling for this year’s festival.

Partnerships for Success

Seeing how powerful the idea of Partnerships was for me, I am now thinking more and more about how I can use partnerships in my other business projects too. Many of these plans are now underway, and we’ll see what comes through.

How about YOU – how could you use Partnerships for Success? Who can you work with that has a good sized database that you could be helpful to?

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