FINALLY someone did this video… (and got 85,000 views for it)

by Timothy on March 10, 2011

Watch this video…

I’ve been ranting about this exact kind of video for awhile now…

Someone FINALLY did this video!

How viral do you think this would go if a REALTOR themselves did it?

BEAUTIFUL marketing move… They would get mountains of free publicity.

LETS FACE IT- there are many outstanding, professional Realtors that are high integrity pros, AND this video is saying exactly what 90% of the population THINKS when they hear REALTOR. Yes it’s unfortunate that the actions of the minority stereotype the majority… I have some awesome REALTOR friends – most of which are smart marketers, and would “get” my comments here.

Why fight the stereotype when you can have some fun and get tons of publicity for it?

(And I would politely ask any REALTOR that reads this if they have been completely honest and open about the comments they make in their listing descriptions and ads, and then ask themselves if this video is totally undeserved.)

Free Publicity

The REALTOR in my city that does this video themselves will get a TON of free publicity.

YouTube gets 2 Billion views PER DAY. Type “Realtor” into YouTube, and this video comes in #1, and has over 85,000 views. Case closed…. this kind of video JUST WORKS.

The Bottom Line

This video just WORKS (in all caps for my REALTOR friends out there).

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To your success,


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Kyle McNeil March 11, 2011 at 10:00 pm

This was hilarious Tim.

Great find.

So the client testimonial about this realtor is:

“he’s friendly … especially to my wife”.

Oh boy,



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