Email Marketing Magic Trick – Part 2

by Timothy on June 28, 2011

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What Doesn’t Work Anymore in Email Marketing

Once upon a time, it was enough to say “Hey Tim!”…. but that doesn’t impress people anymore.  Well all know that it’s just the email software doing the whole “Hey {!firstname}” trick.

Surprise Them With Human Connection

To surprise people now, how about you try this far-out concept…. ACTUALLY EMAIL THEM…. PERSONALLY!

That’s right, send a 1-to-1 email as if they are actually a human being (gasp!).

Now, you don’t necessarily want to do this all the time, and maybe it doesn’t fit your business model, but if you’re actively working in a sales position and are looking to build relationships fast, be personal and personable.

Pay Attention

The first step is to notice their email address… is there something about it that is conversation worthy?

If it’s something like, then you might notice something peculiar about their afection for tulips.

Turbo Research

If the new signup has an email address ending with something business-specific (as in, not or, you can go even further.  For example, my email address – – would allow you to check out my website

Maybe you could watch a few seconds of one of my video blogs.

Maybe you could click on the “about” tab and learn about me…find out I’ve won some awards.

All in all, check out the new signup’s website for 2 mins, find something notable worth commenting on.

It’s Time to Respond – but wait!

So now you can write your new list member / prospect…. but there’s a problem.

Because of all the “Hey {!firstname}” tricks mentioned above, the recipient might mistake your genuine, human message for an autoresponder.

Here’s How I Overcome This

I overcome this by starting with this simple line of text as the first line of my email to them:

(note: this is a REAL HUMAN responding, not an autoresponder!)

…that way they know for sure that I am reaching out FOR REAL.

Sample Email to Send

(note: this is a REAL HUMAN responding, not an autoresponder!)

Hey Julie,

Saw that you signed up for the video marketing course… nice!

I checked out your site, and I see that you are big into real estate investing…. 300 deals?  WOW – that is impressive!!!

I love meeting new people and learning a little bit about them; what’s getting you excited these days?

Tim :)

In Summary

1) the part at the very top – making it obvious you are providing a human response and connection;

2) making it obvious that you have taken some time to get to know them by checking out their site and making a relevant comment – again this builds a relationship;

3) showing some personality – again powerful for connection;

4) and showing interest in them, in whatever way they want to open up and share – I’ve found that “what’s getting you excited” is open-ended enough that it allows people to respond in a multitude of different ways, which is nice (and yes – on the rare occasion there might be a few mildly colourful responses as you might expect – but I’m sure you can handle that).

Hope that helps!

Tim :)

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Oscar June 30, 2011 at 12:20 pm

Great info! Very timely for upcoming projects. Thanks for all you do!



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