Diggin’ Jack Canfield – $100,000/year

by Timothy on April 4, 2011

Really appreciate what Jack says about being consistent for 30 days.

Whether it’s meditation, marketing, prospecting, or anything else, this is the area that I fall apart on the fastest… consistency.

I’ve discovered that success in business / entrepreneurship / finance (and I’m sure others too) is more of a “battle of attrition” than anything… the challenge is to see who is willing to stay the course day in and day out.

I’m happy to say that I am better at this now than ever. My marketing habits are the best they’ve ever been (special mention to Eben Pagan who taught me about tracking, graphing, and reporting – what an amazing insight!).

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, think about this… if you thought about – and took action on – money making activities every single day for 30 consecutive days, don’t you think you would see a change for the better?


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