Determination – Finishing Strong – John Maxwell

by Timothy on March 4, 2011

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John Maxwell Quote about Success

The bookends of success are starting and finishing.  Decisions help us start; discipline helps us finish.

Be a Strong Finisher

I often get excited about a new project, idea, or opportunity.  This allows me to be a VERY strong starter… my excitement, passion, and motivation allows me to get something started really nicely.

So “deciding” to get started – committing to get the ball rolling has always been easy for me.

The problem for me comes from finishing strong once the emotion and excitement have subsided.  It’s said that success and wealth are really quite boring processes – and that’s the problem.  We humans tend to get attracted to bright shiny objects, thus pulling us away from taking care of the basic, routine, possibly boring tasks that – when repeated with discipline – actually make the big difference for us.

I’m finishing strong after 150 hours of work!

I am currently working on a video course that teaches people How Make Great Online Videos Without Having to Spend a Ton of Time or Money Doing It … and for me to get the quality of the course to a really nice level has taken me an UNBELIEVABLE amount of time.  I’ve got lots going on as it is, so to invest 150 hours of time into one project has been a stretch.

BUT… it is almost done!  I am working on it as we speak, and – with the help of my friend “energy drink” – it will get DONE tonight!!!

(The course is worth $100… you can gain access for free if you enter your name and email address at

Discipline and Success

So I hope this message comes to you at a time when you could really use the encouragement – I support you in doing the “right” thing, even if it’s hard!  Staying disciplined is ridiculously hard sometimes!!!  So please know that – as your fellow business owner – that I am in your corner cheering you on :)

Onwards and Upwards!

Tim :)

P.S. And always remember that successful people do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do :)

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