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About Tim Francis

Hi, my name is Tim Francis, and I am the owner of this Blog.  I have been a passionate entrepreneur for over 10 years now.  Probably longer than that if you count all of the street hockey games I organized as a kid, ski trips and pep rallies I led in Student Council, and hole-in-the-wall venues I played in as the drummer of a touring rock band.  Suffice to say it’s been quite the ride :)

I was honoured to be named one of Edmonton’s “Sizzling 20 Under 30” up-and-coming business leaders in 2009.  I have also been very fortunate to appear on CTV, Access Television, Canadian Learning Television (CLT), and in two educational video games for Alberta Education.

About this blog

Modern Business Owner is a blog dedicated to discussing the new world of entrepreneurship. This includes topics such as:

  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Video Production
  • Outsourcing
  • Systemizing & Automation
  • Smart Partnerships

Who is this blog for?

The “Modern Business Owner” is a person who is eager to take advantage of the amazing new tools, concepts and opportunities that weren’t available 10 years ago.

This Blog will share:

  • Real-world stories and case studies
  • Concepts
  • Books & Reviews
  • iPhone apps
  • Free online tools
  • Reports, courses, and how-to
  • Interviews

You will love this Blog if you are excited by…

If you think that the following authors are exciting, you are on the right Blog!

  • Tim Ferriss – pretty much everything
  • Jim Collins for his book Good To Great
  • Robert Kiyosaki for Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Ayn Rand for Atlas Shrugged
  • Michael Gerber for The E-Myth
  • INC. Magazine because it’s great to stay plugged in…
  • (and many others too)

And – might I add – if you are exuberantly passionate about the world of entrepreneurship and creating something so marvellous out of your passion that you are more excited and driven every month than you were the last :)