3 Most Important Profit Ideas for 2011

by Timothy on January 20, 2011

1. Moving the Free Line

Example: Auto mechanic produces guide called, The Top 10 Things People Could Easily Fix at Home and Save a Pile of Money.

By giving this valuable, high-quality information away for free, isn’t this mechanic going to get known as a really good guy who is generous and really there to “help the people”? Talk about building the relationship!

2. Content Marketing

Related to “Moving the Free Line”, although the application is different. By simply sharing amazing info you can become THE go-to person in your field. Just how Dr. Phil is the go-to guy for counselling, by giving great information out publicly you are showing people your expertise.

You can use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos, email newsletters, and many other media to get the word out…. the options are endless. In fact, you can even combine these…. email your database to tell them about the new blog post you just put up, where you explain (via video) how to do something.

3. Joint Ventures

I gained access to 12,000 new prospective customers simultaneously by partnering up (or “Joint Venturing”) with someone else. They had the 12,000 people, I had the service, and together we made some money. Much, much quicker than trying to start from scratch with everything!

You can partner up with people that have anything you need. Could be equipment, space, a database, expertise, the list is endless.

Top trends of 2011

So I don’t think these are necessarily the top “trends” of 2011…. because not enough people will use all three of these to make it a trend. So perhaps I would call these 3 ideas exactly that: “3 of the most important business IDEAS in 2011”.

Onwards and Upwards,

TF :)

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